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Moms worry when their sweet toddlers are late acquiring communication skills. Kids become frustrated and learning how to express themselves gives them a headstart in life.

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“My Toddler is Not Talking, what do I do now”
  1. Learn what games you can play with your child to start developing their language right away
  2. See two worst mistakes moms make when teaching their kids language
  3. Get our toddler’s language development milestones chart
  4. Learn how to stimulate general language development

Join us at “Talkaroo”, the language transformation highway that offers a cutting edge solution for children who struggle talking and socializing!

We created the unique Talkaroo speech learning system to help toddlers talk sooner and better.



We ensure your child rapidly acquires communication skills, by combining best speech development practices and pedagogical methods to facilitate learning.


Our mission is to empower moms in teaching their toddlers to talk!
Moms choose Talkaroo because of our experts’ 30+ years of combined experience in early childhood education.
We have created an exciting cast of animated characters to facilitate your child’s learning process!
Mr. Parrot
Mr. Mouse
Enroll your toddler in our Talkaroo Academy online course to have full access to our language development activities.
Get your superstars to shine as they feel confident and can express themselves!

Our Talkaroo program is one of a kind

Our courses guide parents in a step-by-step progression
We help fill your parent toolbox with therapeutic tools
Facebook Forum for parents for any questions, concerns and information.

We Offer 3 Options for Families

Option One:


Option Two:


Option Three:


“As founder of As Seen On TV and the original “Shark” on the television series “Shark Tank.” I have launched hundreds of valuable products. I was impressed with how TALKAROO CARTOONS did a great job of maintaining my 2-year-old granddaughter’s attention. She loved it! She was focused  the whole time – and it’s not easy to get her to stay still! She obviously is a fan!! Talkaroo Academy has an innovative way to help children learn new words.”

Kevin Harrington, Talkaroo User

Original Shark on “Shark Tank”, Inventor of the Infomercial, Co-Founder of Pitch Video |

8 reasons why families love us

Talkaroo is unique! It is based on the expertise of a teacher and speech pathologist and is the result of two decades of their research.
As a parent, you want to communicate with your child, know what they need, what they’re thinking, and for them to understand you in return.
As moms ourselves, we created Talkaroo to guide you so that your baby communicates and blossoms
Talkaroo is an exciting, one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for you and your child.
With their first words, your children create long lasting memories for you while making their way in the world to make new friends.
Communicating early is critical to your child’s functioning at home and with peers.
That’s why our program is researched, tested and expertly executed.
Teacher facilitated, parent-modeled and child-enjoyed!
Our methods expertly elicit words and they are groundbreaking in the educational world:
Repetition is the mother of learning.
* “Babies need to hear a new word about 100-500 times before they say it meaningfully!” (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2015).
Talkaroo program  is wonderful and is based on multi-sensory learning, encompassing visual, auditory and tactile components.” 

Irina Vaynshteyn

Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Speech Pathology, Touro College, School of Health Sciences)

Why toddlers benefit from Talkaroo

You will learn the system that enables your toddler to talk.
You will learn ways to get your child to imitate actions, sounds and words.
You will learn how to get your child to follow directions.
You will learn how to reinforce appropriate behaviors while minimizing inappropriate ones.
You will learn how to get your child to socialize.
You’ll gain the necessary skills to help your child progress weekly.
With TALKAROO, you’re not only invited to observe, you’ll actively participate in the entire learning process and see your child rapidly progressing in their communication skills!
You will experience reduced frustration, as well as know what to expect and achieve an improved connection with your child.
“My daughter said “more” after having finished watching Talkaroo “more” video. She cried when her sister kept on interrupting her watching. She tried to sing along. She enjoyed it!”

Rosa Tsirulnik, mother

Talkaroo 5 step formula for success

  1. Attending/focusing: Eye Contact, Responsiveness, Attention, Focus
  2. Imitation skills: Imitation of  motor movements
  3. Receptive Language Skills: Listening, Understanding, Identification, Following Directions
  4. Expressive Language Skills:  imitation of Sounds and Words, Speaking spontaneously
  5. Social Skills: Interpersonal Communication
“Increased opportunities for verbal interaction can strengthen critical processing skills that enable more efficient learning.


Increasing parents’ verbal engagement with their infants has the potential to change the course of vocabulary growth. Talking to children matters: Early language experience strengthens processing and builds vocabulary.


“Early language experience strengthens processing and builds vocabulary” (Adriana Weisleder and Anne Fernald, New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.)


Talkaroo fosters relationships between moms and toddlers.

About Talkaroo’s Founders

Jennifer Levin

MS.Ed, BCBA, NYS LBA is the founder and president of Learning Advantage Inc. and a co-founder of TALKAROO LLC.

Jennifer Levin has been working as a developmental specialist in NYC for almost 2 decades. Initially she started her career as a certified Special Education…

Jelena Vilensky

M.S. CCC/SLP, TSHH is the founder and president of Speech Pathology Therapy, P.C. and a co-founder of Talkaroo LLC.

Jelena Vilensky has been a licensed speech and language pathologist and a certified teacher of speech and hearing handicapped for almost two decades…

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My Toddler is Not Talking, what do I do now?

  1. Learn what games you can play with your child to start developing their language right away
  2. See two worst mistakes moms make when teaching their kids language
  3. Get our toddler's language development milestones chart
  4. Learn how to stimulate general language development

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