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Jelena Vilensky. M.S. CCC/SLP,TSHH
Founder and president of Speech Pathology Therapy, P.C. and a co-founder of TALKAROO LLC.

Jelena Vilensky has been a licensed speech and language pathologist and a certified teacher of speech and hearing handicapped for almost two decades. She has done not just speech and language therapy, but voice Therapy, stuttering therapy, therapy with apraxic children and feeding/oral-motor therapy; has had clients with autism, articulation/phonological disorders and resonance disorders, Down syndrome, motor disorders, fluency disorders, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other serious disorders and delays. She has become a top evaluator of speech/ language and feeding delays and disorders over the past decade and can decipher what causes the child’s speech/language or feeding delay quickly and efficiently.

Sought after as an evaluator, therapist and team player, Jelena has worked at top agencies like Challenge early intervention center, Omni childhood center, Step up services for children ages 3-5, City Pro group childhood center and Special education associates center. Called on for her expertise in speech and language development, speech and language therapy and professional Evaluations, Jelena has trained other evaluators and consulted special educators, occupational and physical therapists on speech and language delays and disorders. She has taught parents cutting edge speech development techniques, resolved feeding problems and uncovered voice disorders and vocal nodules when the child was thought of “just unable to speak.“ Devoted to excellence, Jelena holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech and Language Pathology from Brooklyn College, NY. She also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Jelena married Dmitry Vagman in 1998. Jelena and Dmitry have three teenagers, Eric, Sabina and Biana.

Jennifer Levin, MS.Ed, BCBA, NYS LBA
Founder and president of Learning Advantage Inc. and a co-founder of TALKAROO LLC.

Jennifer Levin has been working as a developmental specialist in NYC for almost 2 decades. Initially she started her career as a certified Special Education teacher in Early Intervention Program through well-known agencies of NYC tri-state area. She specializes in working with children with developmental delays and disabilities. Her expertise has been providing ABA therapy to non-verbal children with Autism, ADHD and oppositional defiant toddlers. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) she has worked with children with Autism supervising ABA therapists and guiding parents during the parent training sessions focusing on the specific needs of the family for the child in service. Jennifer Levin is currently working as a Clinical Director for 2 NYC’s agencies leading their ABA programs. As a sought after clinician and evaluator with children that have various developmental delays and disabilities, Jennifer’s primary population of interest and passion has been working with toddlers with Autism and their parents while teaching and guiding them through the difficult process of teaching them to communicate and socialize appropriately.

Jennifer has trained other ABA professionals, consulted with occupational and physical therapists, as well as speech and language pathologist to provide multidisciplinary approach in her therapy.

Jennifer now works as a Consultant, a Behavior Analyst and a Clinical Director. Jennifer manages and writes for TALKAROO, as a way to share easy to use and ready to implement strategies and ideas for parents. Jennifer also travels internationally for professional and personal development, as well as a consultant providing individualized training to parents, educators, therapists and administrators in the world of Autism.

Jennifer is happily married to Gennady Levin and has 2 beautiful children: Benjamin 18 years old son and Jessely 13 years old daughter.

Jennifer received her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from Hunter College, a Master’s degree in Special Education from Touro College and has completed her Applied Behavior Analysis education from Florida Institute of Technology.

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