“This video was entertaining and educational at the same time. My daughter showed me with her body language that she liked it, as she was leaning towards the video. She was focused and she was enjoying it.”

Edward Lambright


“TALKAROO program is the most efficient and innovative way to help children learn new words. These video lessons do a great job of maintaining a child’s attention, stirring a child’s sensory system with colors and movements all while triggering a neurological response: to associate the target word with movements of characters in a very repetitive and memorable way.”

Dr. Ashley HizaDr. Ashley Hiza MD

Board Certified Pediatrician, Flushing Hospital Medical

“My daughter said “more” after having finished watching one video. She cried when her sister kept on interrupting her watching. She tried to sing along. She enjoyed it!”

Rosa Tsirulnik


“These language-focused animations effectively facilitate vocabulary learning through music and movement. Each animation is skillfully designed to elicit specific word production in various contexts. This language program is based on multi-sensory learning, encompassing visual, auditor, and tactile components. Toddlers are actively engaged in sing along activities, while being prompted to imitate age-appropriate repertoire of words, including first words, names of animals, action words etc. This program ensures that young children experience the joy of learning in a structured and nurturing environment.”

Irina Vaynshteyn, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Speech-Language, Pathology Touro College, School of Health Sciences , email:irina.vaynshteyn2@touro.edu

“As founder of As Seen On TV and the original “Shark” on the television series “Shark Tank.” I have launched hundreds of valuable products. I was impressed with how this animated film did a great job of maintaining my 2-year-old granddaughter’s attention. She loved it! She was focused on it the whole time – and it’s not easy to get her to stay still! She obviously is a fan!! This is an innovative way to help children learn new words.”

www.PitchVideo.com | www.KevinHarrington.tv

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on "Shark Tank", Inventor of the Infomercial, Co-Founder of Pitch Video

This is what moms are saying about us:

“I love it and so does my son!!! He now asks to get on it by saying ”TALKA-A-WOO!!! Makes me smile and feel good that he wants to learn new words.”

Michelle K

Mother of 20–month–old Anthony

“Talkarooacademy.com is so amazing! It keeps my son coming back for loads of fun every day, multiple times a day. This is a great way for him to learn new words.”

Carrie L.

Mother of 22–month–old Leon

“Talkaroo online program is amazing!! My son is excited to learn and does not want to stop. I’m so glad that I made the decision to invest in my boy’s language education by signing up with talkarooacademy.com. Thank you! I’m a happy mommy!”

Melissa B.

Mother of a 22-month-old Michael.

“Update: My daughter has suddenly made extreme progress! Yay! She’s becoming more vocal and imitating. This was the first time she tried saying bear!”

Victoria L.

Mother of 3 year old Alexa.

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